As we aim to channel more positive energy into our lives, we are conscious of a phenomenon that is all-to-often overlooked by sages and savants.

Everyone knows about the concept of Karma, i.e., the boomerang effect of human behavior. Bad things happen to bad people, right? And good things happen to good people. Of course, that is not always the case. Job complained that often the wicked escape punishment while good folks suffer. This only teaches us that karma is imperfect in this world. To get the full effects of karma, one must enter the next life.

In this world, karma is often forestalled by an element that is hard to analyze, but surprisingly easy to identify: provided one looks closely enough.

A couple years ago, I was falling into a deep sleep after a hard day’s work. As I passed through that shadow-filled zone between consciousness and dreamland, I realized in a moment of time that SHARPWA would forestall karma in this life. I hastily rose and wrote it down on a piece of paper. The next morning, I began to articulate in my mind what exactly this meant.

SHARPWA is based on the rules of human attraction. Some people are really bad on a moral or ethical plane. But they don’t suffer a great deal in this life, because they have SHARPWA. People are attracted to them. Whether it be because they have money, social prestige, charisma, or what have you, the sharpwa energy will actually interfere with the karma energy that would normally overtake them.

As mentioned, sharpwa has no effect in the next life. So when someone dies, karma finally exacts its full toll on the individual. But sharpwa frustrates the effects of karma in this world. It is a known quantity, which makes it easier to prognosticate temporal outcomes for the individual.

Consider certain celebrities whom rumor would have it are really nasty individuals in real life. Because they have an excess of SHARPWA, they go on prospering. Of course, they may suffer depression, anxiety, and a host of mental demons. But this is natural, inasmuch as sharpwa has no real control over the spiritual realm. It affects the physical only.

Remember that boss you had that re-instituted the Inquisition? He got fired in the end, but it took quite a while, didn’t it? True, everyone disliked him–except for that handful of individuals that kissed up constantly in hopes of gaining his approval. The sharpwa was there, even though in a diluted frequency.

Having lots of admirers will generate sharpwa. Crowd-envy, to a certain extent, will also build one’s sharpwa energy. Envy is a powerful attractive force that is strong enough to load up your sharpwa. But it is negative in its value. Consider karma as the positive, and sharpwa as the negative. Karma is the very ideal of retributive justice. Sharpwa is the factor that plays skittles with it. They are opposite poles of a vast truth that enacts itself in the real world every day.

Of course, there is no real cheat for escaping karma. Ultimately, you will need to be decent person in order for good things to happen to you. But SHARPWA is an element that may help to give a person extra time for improvement. If you know you need to change for the better, you may rely on SHARPWA as a buffer while you get your act together. But the reliance mustn’t be abused.

Can SHARPWA be based on insincerity? In other words, can a person pretend to be something he/she is not, and generate sharpwa thereby? Manifestly, one can. But it is not recommended. Remember, lying is essentially bad. So good karma can only come by telling the truth. Keeping things real and truthful and positive is the key to generating good karma. Sharpwa is just something that people unconsciously use to get around the inevitable outcomes of our actions.

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