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Free Speech vs. “Terms Of Use”

Everybody practices censorship on some level. Whether it’s self-censorship (a la keeping things professional) or just trying to get others to tone it down, we all know that a certain amount of censorship is needed when it comes to public interactions of any kind. Of course, in many cases it’s better to just keep your … Continue reading Free Speech vs. “Terms Of Use”

Anaconda (Part 1) by Pheelan McPhalen

ANACONDA by Pheelan McPhelan.   All rights reserved by author. I.  A Note On Blueprint’s “Anaconda.” Most people are aware that 2029 saw rapid developments in public policing software.  But is the public ready for all that it entails?   Conservative right-wing groups have alleged that sites like “Anaconda” actually violate human and civil rights. … Continue reading Anaconda (Part 1) by Pheelan McPhalen

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